We can be (Superfit) Heroes: Supporting body positive athletic gear for women

PrintSuperfit Hero founder Micki Krimmel reached out to me several months ago about her plans to launch a high-performance line of sports apparel for women of all sizes, and I was immediately on board. As she put it in an op-ed she wrote last year, “Superfit Heroes care more about how much weight they can lift than the number on the scale.”  For Micki, fitness isn’t about looking hot in a bikini but rather kicking ass in the gym, in the derby rink, on the race course, in your entire life. It’s about making best friends with your inner superhero, then using that strength and confidence to change the whole damn world.

So when she asked me to be part of her League of Superfit Heroes, my response was, “Hell yeah, count me in!” You can read my profile here, and you can read more about the other athletes, including amazing women like Leah Gilbert and Nia Shanks, on the Superfit Hero site.  (Seriously, it’s mind-blowing to me that I could be in the company of women like Leah and Nia. Mind blowing!)

The first items in the line are high-performance athletic leggings that run from size 0 to 26, and they feature details like a supportive, adjustable waistband that can be folded over, stitching that reduces chafing and a design that lets you move around comfortably while wearing them (and without having to worry about them slipping all over the place). Plus they’re designed with the whole superhero motif in mind, which just makes them that much cooler.

Micki said she worked with the Angel City Derby Girls – with whom she competes as a jammer by the name of Mickispeedia – to find out exactly what they wanted in athletic gear, and that she had athletes test the leggings while doing everything from yoga to running to Crossfit to make sure they met the athletes’ needs.  Because she’s an athlete, she gets that looking cool is only part of what’s important; we also have to actually feel good in what we’re wearing.

And then of course, there’s the fact that this is a business that is owned by a female athlete who is explicitly supporting female athletes, which is something I will always choose to support.  It’s why, for instance, I choose to buy tri gear from Coeur Sports.  I want to support the businesses that support us as female athletes, and one of the best ways to do that is through buying their products.

If Micki’s vision is one that appeals to you, then you can show your support for her work by contributing to her Kickstarter, which launched yesterday.  As you can see, a lot of people are already really excited about this, as the Kickstarter has reached half of its fundraising goal in the first day alone.  It doesn’t hurt that some of those perks are pretty damn sweet, too. I personally have my eye on the muscle tee that reads “The Gym is My Phone Booth” but you might find the “#feminist” tee more to your liking.

Check out the video below, and if you find yourself so inspired – like I am! – then kick a few bucks Micki’s way so we can help her on her mission to “make fitness more inclusive, body-positive, and empowering for women.”

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  1. Like many women, I have horror stories about shopping for fitness performance gear, and getting a terrible vibe from the staff at whatever shop/boutique I was in because I didn’t look the part of an athlete– even though I’ve always been a pretty serious hiker/backpacker, dancer, tennis player, skater, skier, canoer, etc. Superfit Heroes sounds like an awesome option for me!

  2. I just started following your blog. I love finding new bloggers who inspire me to exercise out of self love and not body shame. I love this blog so much already, thank you!

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