Help a Boston Marathon-bound reader raise money for survivors of domestic violence

This morning I woke up to a wonderful email from Erica, a long-time reader who had some very sweet things to say.  She wrote that she has gone from not even being able to walk a couple of blocks to running marathons, which is something I – and I’m sure more than a few of you – can relate to.

Now Erica is preparing to run the Boston Marathon, and she’s raising money for an incredibly important cause.  Here, from her email:

In 10 days, I am going to run Boston for the first time.  I am running for REACH, an organization that I have worked for since 2001. They provide a range of supports to survivors of domestic violence from shelter to a 24 hour hotline to support groups to services for children to court accompaniment. They are also instrumental in standing by survivors as they find their voices, and as they organize for social justice.  They help create conversations in a range of communities to begin to end domestic violence.

The work they do is truly transformative.  And life changing. And life saving.

This weekend, a supporter has offered to double all donations between today and Sunday.  Would you consider donating and sharing this with others and maybe on your blog (if you see fit)?  You can learn more about REACH at  You can also read more about meon their site and on their Facebook page.  To give, please go to

If you have any money to spare, please consider pitching some in to help Erica in her quest.  Even if you are unable to donate before the weekend is over, you’ll still have eight days.

Thanks so much!  And good luck to Erica!

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