Quick programming note

Hey there, just a quick note to let you know I haven’t abandoned this blog.  I’ve just been super busy with the job that pays my bills, as they sent me to cover the Republican National Convention earlier this week.  A string of 12-hour days preceded by several days of tropical-storm coverage means I not only had no time to blog, but I also had no time to go run, ride my bike, swim, lift weights or do any of the things I normally love to do.

But I did get to do yoga at the Huffington Post Oasis, so that counts.  Plus I walked miles a day in sandals in the insane heat that characterizes Tampa weather in August, so that counts too.  (Oh, and I also spent some time at the now-mythical Woman Up Pavilion – now that was a trip and a half.  But I didn’t order a Woman Up-Tini – no drinking on the job, sadly.)

I’m going to take the weekend to recover and let my feet heal and my sun-and-rage-induced headache fade away, and then I’ll be back with something new early next week.

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