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  1. This makes me happy that the only small weights I have used were: 1) not pastel; 2) designed to teach me to punch forcefully and from my core.

      • And maybe even more so in media representations of women’s health and fitness.

        And you know, I have never casually stumbled across a photo of Woman with Small Pastel Weights and a Mean Right Cross. Which is sort of telling. I mean, I think the images you found are pretty representative of how women’s fitness is portrayed, and a fair chunk of those photos look to be “posing” photos rather than “action” photos.

      • That’s exactly it. Granted, there are a lot of photos out there of women who are actually lifting serious weights and putting some effort into it, but they are outnumbered by the ones of prettily made-up ladies with their little threadspools, I mean, weights.

  2. But why are they so tiny I could fit one of those weights inside of my mouth. My small weights are red. My big weights are blue and green and black. Target does not believe in pastels.

    • I have a pair of 10 lb weights from Target that are yellow. I got them when I first started working out and wanted something to stash in my apartment.

      And isn’t that “women drinking water” link so PORNY? OMG.

    • “But why are they so tiny I could fit one of those weights inside of my mouth.”

      I think that’s the point. Many of these poses are similar to what you’d see in pornographic materials.

    • She’s amazing. She can have all the pastel weights she wants. The fact that she’s not catatonic in a wheelchair makes her practically superhuman in my eyes.

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  4. But if they do 1000 reps with tiny weights they will TONE! Or something. A few of these models might have visible muscle tone.

    Also I love that “Women struggling to drink water” link– they’re not even trying to pretend that it isn’t metaphorical water…

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  6. so funny! I hadn’t seen the water one yet either, but I loved “laughing alone with salad”, I saw those everywhere.
    The pastel weights… tight pants.. and the running shoes never ever look the least bit “used”…

  7. I hadn’t seen the two that inspired this, so thanks for thinking those. All those forced smiles make me think those little weights feel as awkward to hold as they look.
    My thoughts on the original two post, “I’m eating salad and it’s hilarious” and “drinking water is hard”

    • 1. I’ve never been to your blog before just now, which would make stealing from you a nifty trick.

      2. It’s not exactly the most original idea, considering that the Hairpin did this first about a year ago. Which brings me to…

      3. I freely opened to lifting the idea from the Hairpin. In case you missed the first paragraph of this post in your rush to accuse me of ripping off your ideas.

    • By the way, thanks for calling me a ‘bitch” in that reddit post. It certainly makes me very likely to never stop by your blog again.

      • I refer to anyone who I suspect is stealing my ideas with colorful language. Also, you may want to reconsider your outrage at random comments from internet strangers.

  8. @swolesister: “you may want to reconsider your outrage at random comments from internet strangers”

    Says the person who called an internet stranger a bitch and accused her of ripping her off? Wasn’t that the point of your trolling all along? To upset and outrage? You came to this comments section spoiling for a fight. Don’t act above it all once you found it.

    • @swolesister: Took a look at your blog. Have you ever considered that your efforts to build yourself up physically are to compensate for some perceived shortcoming? I wouldn’t normally suggest such a thing but your attempts to tear others down is symptomatic of feelings of inadequacy. Food for thought to build a strong psyche to go with that body.

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