Friday Randomness – Oct. 7

I’ve been a bit off my game this week since coming off a three-day weekend, in which I lazed around.  (In Caitlin-speak, this means I drank beer, ate oysters, read books, ran a bunch and touched the internet maybe one or two times. It was awesome.)  So now I’m getting back into the swing of things, just in time for my weekly cop-out of a post. Enjoy!

Before I start, an important announcement:

Tori S, yoga instructor, barefoot runner and wellness blogger extraordinaire, has seen a considerable gap in the world of feminist blogging, and that is the lack of a blog carnival to mark Domestic Violence Awareness Month.   So Tori is embracing the spirit of DIY and organizing one herself.  I plan on taking part, and I’d strongly encourage you to do the same.  More information can be found here.

My best friend, Brandi, is a budding pole-dance instructor and she sent me this link from Aerial Amy.  I was looking for a quote to pull out but really, I liked the whole post, which means you should just go read it already.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the intersection of running and disordered eating for a while, and it’s been ramped up since I got a comment about it on my blog a few weeks ago.  Olympic marathon hopeful Lauren Fleshman talks a bit about this in the latest installment of her column, “Ask Lauren Fleshman.”  I have many other thoughts about this, but I’m linking to Lauren’s post because it’s got good, concrete information as to how to deal with that slippery slide into Disordered Eating, Pop. You.

Derby icon Suzy Hotrod is featured in ESPN: The Magazine’s Body Issue.  She’s all tattooed and muscular, which is an aesthetic that really appeals to me.  There’s a lot of debate to be had over the Body Issue, but I tend to come down on the side of enjoying it.  I can see why others wouldn’t though.

This guest post at Miz Fit Online, by author Kim Brittingham, made me laugh.  She writes about going from a total gym hater to a self-proclaimed gym rat, and she makes a lot of points about the weirdness of gym culture that turns a lot of people off.  I know my husband and I often laugh about some of the ridiculous exercises trainers make their clients do, as if the only way they can feel as though their fees are justified is by teaching complicated multi-joint moves that can only be executed with the help of a suspension system.

A couple of weeks ago, I questioned why we hold up mixed-gender participation in pro team sports as the Holy Grail of gender integration.  Well, athlete-slash-entrepreneur Tiffany Brooks has a different take on things:

In an integrated sports world there would be different tiers, such as the “A” tier for the most talented athletes, “B” as the next best, and so on. In an integrated world there would be no hiccups for athletes like Caster Semenya (a South African track athlete who was forced to undergo hormone testing to prove she was female).. It wouldn’t matter if an athlete was male or female.

I will never, ever tire of learning about women who pioneered sports participation back in the day.  And by “back in the day,” I don’t mean 1973.  I mean 1873.  Girlboxing has an amazing post about the women who were boxing as early as the nineteenth century.  She’s writing a thesis on it and frankly, it sounds incredible.  It’s a good reminder that there ain’t nothing new under the sun.

If you aren’t reading Dear Sugar, you are missing out.  Last week, in her column called “Tiny Revolutions,” she wrote to a woman in her 50s who was dipping her toes back in the dating pool after many years of marriage:

You don’t have to be young. You don’t have to be thin. You don’t have to be “hot” in a way that some dumbfuckedly narrow mindset has construed that word. You don’t have to have taut flesh or a tight ass or an eternally upright set of tits.

You have to find a way to inhabit your body while enacting your deepest desires. You have to be brave enough to build the intimacy you deserve. You have to take off all of your clothes and say, I’m right here.

5 responses to “Friday Randomness – Oct. 7

  1. Thanks so much for the mention!!! Regarding mixed gender sports, there’s a lot going on with football. This week there was a story about a female high school player her joined a team as a kicker and won the winning field goal for a game (plus the homecoming crown!). Very interesting stuff.

    • I saw that! I love that she was crowned homecoming queen while wearing her uniform.

      I edited a story that was kinda similar for my station just yesterday, about a freshman girl who kicks for the boy’s JV football team. I love stories about girls and boys playing sports together. I just wonder if it should be necessary for female athletes to play on pro men’s teams in order to be taken seriously as pro athletes.

  2. Thanks for the linkage, Miss Fit and Feminist! If you have a minute, would love your thoughts on the blog entry for today! =)

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