Friday Randomness – Sept. 30

I’m excited about this weekend because we are heading to Siesta Key, where my husband will compete in a triathlon.  He completed his first one only a few months ago and since then he has become a total junkie for the sport.  I am weak in the face of such enthusiasm, and so I’ll probably be trying my first triathlon next year.  But for now, I’m content to run around like a goofball on the streets of various cities around Florida.

– Sports columnist Jennifer Gish wrote a column in which she ripped on Buffalo Bills fans for demanding respect after a whole two wins.  Predictably, the fans ripped back, but instead of talking about the content of her column, they told her to “go back in the kitchen.”  That was one of the more polite responses.  You stay classy, Bills fans!

–  There’s been a spate of research lately that shows exercise does more than just keep your bod healthy and happy; it can also keep your brain healthy and happy, too.  This is probably a no-brainer (ha!) for a lot of us who already partake in regular sweat-breaking sessions, but with so much of our society/culture/technology geared towards keeping us as sedentary as possible, it can never hurt to have more research to back this claim up.

P.S. I love that one of the NYT commenters responded to a “Jocks vs. Nerds” instigator with the “we are now dumber for having listened to you” speech from Billy Madison.

– I have a confession to make: I have an insanely huge crush on Christy Turlington Burns.  She was my favorite supermodel back in the day (yes, I had one, don’t judge), and she is now my favorite retired supermodel.  The fact that she is going to run the ING New York City Marathon to raise awareness and funds for her non-profit Every Mother Counts is just too awesome for words.  Also, she is, like me, an ex-smoker turned distance runner.  Holla!

– Speaking of people who love yoga, Well and Good NYC has an article about running yogis.  There’s a strain of thought among many runners – and evidently among yoga practitioners, too – that mingling the two will lead to injury, muscle strain and diminished ability in both.  I’m glad to see that a lot of people are giving that perspective the side-eye, because running and yoga have a lot in common:

It’s no surprise to Amanda Taylor, founder of Yoga Gives and a former distance runner, that the Berlin Wall separating yoga and running seems to be crumbling. “I think both yogis and runners tend to be very disciplined people who ‘need’ their asana or their runs to stay centered,” says Taylor. “So they appeal to parallel personalities.”

– I loved this essay by David J. Leonard at the New Black Man entitled “The “Selling of Candace Parker” and the diminishment of women’s sports.”  He looks at a 2009 ESPN: The Magazine profile of Parker, which he says “encapsulates the persistent sexism that detracts from and inhibits the development of women’s sports within American culture.”    Leonard cites Mary Jo Kane’s piece in The Nation in his criticism of ESPN, in which he says “sex and sexuality are the primary vehicles for both the commodification and consumption of contemporary female athletes.”

– I can’t lie, I felt totally vindicated by the recent Federal Trade Commission ruling that ordered Reebok to pay $25 million, saying the apparel manufacturer made false claims about the efficacy of its EasyTone line.  Another bit of happy news in that article is the sales numbers that show sales of “toning footwear” are on the decline.  THANK YOU, UNIVERSE.  Those shoes (and the accompanying toning pants) are little more than snake oil in clothing form.  I still find it alarming, though, that Reebok made over $1 billion selling these horrible things.  Ugh.

– Soccer star Hope Solo is on Dancing with the Stars, which I do not watch, but I’ve been reading the coverage of her performances – and more specifically, reaction to her performances – which has led me to watch video clips of her performances.  Maybe I don’t know anything about dance, but I don’t see her performance as being “not feminine.”  But then again, I am on record as thinking “femininity” and “masculinity” are meaningless as words and concepts.  I suspect I have a full post brewing on this topic, so stay tuned.

– I’ve been thinking a lot about street harassment lately, specifically as it is experienced by women who run and cycle, but I’m pretty sure I would have found Tavi Gevinson‘s essay called “First Encounters with the Male Gaze” to be pretty trenchant and on-point even if I hadn’t been thinking about these things.

– The Crunk Feminist Collective has a post up about a new health guide called “Freeing Ourselves: A Guide to Health and Self Love for Brown Bois.”  Obvs I am not the target group for such a guide, but I do like that the Brown Boi Project came up with a pro-active way to address lack of equitable health care often received by people who are transgendered.

– Cranky Fitness has a list of six motivation secrets to help you kick ass.  As I am all about kicking ass at all times, in as many ways as possible, I thought this list was totally useful, and I will be applying it for my next push-ups and squats workout.

Diana Nyad did not make it for her third attempt to swim from Cuba to Key West, but you know what?  She’s fucking awesome anyway, and I’ll tell you why.  She was stung by a Portuguese Man O’War not once, but twice.  Once in the face.  Considering that I squeal with terror when I accidentally touch slimy seagrass, I have to say that I’m with Amy Moritz in feeling nothing but awe and respect for Nyad, who has a set of brass ovaries the size of Neptune.

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  1. There’s a strain of thought among many runners – and evidently among yoga practitioners, too – that mingling the two will lead to injury, muscle strain and diminished ability in both.

    Huh. This is 100% news to me.

    • Yeah, I’ve heard runners argue about this a lot. It always makes me a little mental because it’s so dogmatic. Just because something doesn’t work for one person doesn’t mean no one anywhere should do it, ever.

      • I think I may just know an unusual number of runners who also practice yoga… and yoga teachers who are also distance runners.

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