Friday Randomness – Sept. 16

I technically don’t really have to do a Friday Randomness, since I actually wrote something for today and all, but so many interesting links passed through my hands and brain earlier this week that I feel I must post them somewhere before they become old news (aka are more than five days old).  So, here goes.

– CNN’s Soledad O’Brien will be hosting a documentary called “In Her Corner: Latino in America” and it will be about Latina women who box.  Holy shit, right?  It airs Sept. 25 at 8 p.m. and my DVR is already set to record it.

– In case you hadn’t heard, Serena Williams had a bit of an outburst at a referee at the U.S. Open.  I wanted to write about this but I don’t know enough about tennis and would have totally laid my ignorance bare, so instead, here are three links I read that I thought were interesting:

– Will Leitch at New York wants to know, when will a gay professional athlete come out?

– The NCAA has adopted a policy for including transgender athletes.  Title IX blog reports that the new policy is being praised by the National Center for Lesbian Rights and the Women’s Sports Foundation because it doesn’t mandate genital surgery or legal sex change before allowing a transgender athlete to compete.

– An unidentified side effect of the vilification of Gov. Rick Perry’s HPV-vaccination policy is that now people are speaking openly about the reality of HPV.  Author (and Michael Chabon sex-er) Ayelet Waldman spoke openly about having HPV on Twitter yesterday, and today more people are following suit with HPV Day.

– Over at Feminist Figure Girl (and by the way, I love this blog so much and I am sad that this is only the first time I’ve linked to it in a post), Lianne writes about gender policing, both inside the gym and out.  Her whole blog is insanely smart, and I highly recommend it.

And now, a note from me:

The readership of this blog has grown considerably in the past couple of weeks, and it has occurred to me that I am only one lady and hence my perspective on the world is going to be limited by that fact.  For instance, you’ve probably noticed that I write a lot about running and weight lifting, because that’s what I love. But there is so much more to the world of fitness and sports than just running and weight lifting.

So I’d like to expand beyond my limited scope, and so if you are at all interested in guest-blogging for this site, hit me up at saltonmyskin at gmail dot com and we’ll make arrangements.  I can’t pay you, obvs, but I can give you links and love, and that’s is a price worth more than rubies and gold.

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