Weekend Randomness

This would have been Friday Randomness, except yesterday was all whackadoo.  I got off work at 1:30 p.m. – which means I started my day before 4 a.m. oh my god – and went for a quick, crummy run.  (Yes, not every run is a glorious event worthy of hosannas from on high. Sometimes they blow.)  Then I dragged my patient and understanding husband to Borders, where I scooped up a bunch of discounted books, and then made him go to Pei Wei with me.  By the time we got home all I could do was sit on the couch and play Angry Birds on my new phone while half-paying attention to an episode of “Law & Order: Rape & Murder.”

So, Weekend Randomness it is.

– I love this post by Kate Goldwater at Feministe, in which she calls out all of the commentators who are upset that the U.S. Women’s National Team is being praised for their groundbreaking World Cup performance instead of taking them to task for choking.  You know what I say?  Can’t we do both?  Can’t we acknowledge that they fell apart in the penalty kick phase while still being excited about the fact that, for once, this country took women’s sports seriously as sports?

– Here’s a practical way to keep the momentum from the World Cup going – take this pledge to attend at least one women’s sporting event this year.

– Speaking of more practical ways to support lady athletes, a Kickstarter fund has been set up for a group of filmmakers who want to make a documentary about girl skateboarders in Portland, Ore.

– The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently released their list of the worst meals at restaurants, which is predictably horrifying, but what I find even more annoying is the inevitable commentary that follows from people who are indignant over “being told what to eat.”  I always find it interesting when people protest the idea of knowing the nutritional information of meals at restaurants, especially since going to California a few times in the past couple of years and seeing how badly I’d low-balled the caloric count and sodium content in most of the food I’d wanted to order.  So sure, people are free to make choices about food, but isn’t it good to have at least a vague idea of exactly what it is you are eating?  What good is a choice if you have no way of being informed about it?  Or maybe people really would rather not know?  After all, I suppose it’s easier to enjoy a meal when you don’t know you are getting two days’ worth of sodium in one sitting.

– The feminist interwebs was all aflutter with outrage over the stupidly sexist milk ads that recently came out, in which harried men try to appease the hormonal psycho hosebeasts…er, I mean, the premenstrual women in their lives by buying them milk.  So rather than reiterating what everyone else has already said, I’ll just point to this New York Times article about a recent study that found menstruating women had no difference in their athletic ability than women who were not menstruating.  Of course, I know that my problem doesn’t necessarily happen while I am surfing the crimson tide but when I am in the process of mounting my surfboard, so to speak.  But still, it’s nice to see research about menstruation that isn’t all OMG PERIODS ARE HORRIBLE AND SCARY.

– What is it with ads and sexism lately?  It’s like the advertising world has backslid into the 1950s in recent years.  These ads for ‘feminine hygiene’ products were not satisfied with pushing products that are inherently anti-vagina – they had to get all racist, too.  Bitch Magazine’s Douchebag Decree has never been more aptly named.

– And because I will never, ever tire of talking about weight training, here’s a guest post by the Angry Trainer over at MizFitOnline about the benefits of weight training for ladies.  I swear to you, I will continue to beat this horse until it is little more than a dessicated carcass, or until women stop saying “I don’t want to bulk up!”  Whichever comes first.