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– I, like seemingly half of the United States, have caught a serious case of World Cup fever.  (And the only cure is..more cowbell!)  It seems like everywhere I look, it’s Hope Solo this and Abby Wambach that and, oh, hey, remember when Brandi Chastain took her top off?  And guess what?  I am totally happy about that!  So in honor of the amazing pile of studliness that is the U.S. Women’s soccer team, let me share with you this great commercial by Nike that has been airing recently:

– Soccer star Julie Foudy sat down with Fit Bottomed Girls for a quick interview, and in it she shared these words of advice:

Billie Jean King told me, “Pressure is a privilege.” I love that. Also, from Dr. Colleen Hacker, who worked with our national team for many years, when I asked her what to do about the pre-game nerves….she said, “Butterflies are great; just teach them to fly in formation.”

Read the rest of the interview at Fit Bottomed Girls.

– I love learning about the history of women and sports, if only because the sheer levels of badassery required to have been an athlete and a woman in the days prior to Title IX never fail to blow me away.  (Some time I will post about the time I got to meet Kathrine Switzer, and how I babbled like a fool in front of her, I was so awestruck.)  This week I found out about Patti McGee, who should be way more famous for as the first female pro skateboarder and the first woman inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.  I mean, look at her!  If Dusty Springfield and Tony Hawk had a kid, it would totally be her:

More photos of Patti McGee can be found at Classic Forever.

– I just learned about a book called “Run Like a Girl: Strong Women Make Happy Lives” by Mina Samuels, and it’s a collection of personal narratives interspersed with a sociocultural history of women in sports.  Considering that one of my favorite books is “The Frailty Myth” by Colette Dowling, I am pretty sure I’ll love this.  Speaking of which, I’m thinking about liveblogging as I re-read “The Frailty Myth.”  Maybe I’ll do the same with “Run Like a Girl”…

– A few years ago I went on a kick where I watched a ton of female-oriented sports movies, and one of my favorite movies of that time was “Love and Basketball,” which if you haven’t seen this yet, you must change that immediately.  A lot of people are making comparisons between “Love and Basketball” and “No Look Pass,” which is currently making the festival rounds.  I do hope this gets wider release because I would love to watch this.   Watch a clip of it over at Racialicious.

– Would more women get into heavy lifting if they could do so in an all-female environment?  And if they had female instructors?  That’s the idea behind a beginner’s weight training course in the UK called Ladies Who Lift.  Read more about it at Stumptuous.

2 responses to “Friday Randomness

  1. I loved Love and Basketball!

    I think more women would be into lifting if 1. there wasn’t so much stigma in having Michelle Obama arms. In college, I waited tables, played ball, and had a car w/o power steering. I looked way butch, but I also loved knowing how strong I was. Sadly, my arms are now beanpoles. (I don’t even lift 3 lb weights!)And 2. Women of all ages need to know that if they don’t use it they’ll lose it.

    • Yeah, funny how we can be four decades past the women’s liberation movement and yet people are still freaking out over strong women. Such a shame.

      The ironic (and sad) thing is that a lot of women say they really want firmer butts and thighs, and weight training is absolutely the best way to make that happen. So even if a lady wants to just look more like, say, Brooklyn Decker and less like Hope Solo, she should still pick up some weights a few times a week.

      I am just an all-around evangelist for more women in the weight room, can’t you tell? 🙂

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