Wow! USA defeats Brazil

I almost missed the match.  We’d just gotten back from our long runs at Fort De Soto and we thought we were too late, that the U.S. women had already lost. Brian turned it on anyway, and I was in the process of dumping salty, sweaty running clothes into the washer when I heard him holler so loud I thought he might have dropped something on his toe.  I came running out just in time to catch the replay of Abby Wambach as she sent a header shooting into Brazil’s net.

Pretty fucking amazing, especially when you consider that soccer is, like, a religion in Brazil, while here, people seem to really love it until they turn eleven and then they leave the youth leagues in droves to either go play other sports or they just can the whole idea of athletics together.  (That was what I did. I played one year of soccer in fifth grade and I was so terrified of the ball hitting me in the face and so over my toes getting jammed up in my cleats that I quit at season’s end.)

I’m not really sure why soccer hasn’t ever picked up here – although I do love that World Cup fever has become A Thing – but it really ought to be bigger. I mean, why bother with Arena football, aka mini-football, when you can have soccer, or its bruiser of an older sibling, rugby?

Anyway, I just wanted to pop my head in to say I haven’t abandoned my little infant of a blog.  For those of you who do not know me in real life, I work in news in the central Florida area, which provided the sun-drenched, palm-tree-studded backdrop for two of the biggest stories in the nation over the last week: the last space shuttle launch EVER and some trial involving some lady named Casey that you might have heard something about.  (Guess which one I cared about more.)  As a result when I left work most days, I barely had the energy necessary to crack open a beer and zone out in front of endless episodes of Law & Order, let alone write anything longer than a Twitter update.

So I’ll have new content for the blog starting tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

4 responses to “Wow! USA defeats Brazil

  1. Your comment about quitting soccer hit home! Hahaha. I played one year in the 8th grade after being invited to join the team by the coach who was also my gym teacher. I had absolutely no interest in soccer but thought it was cool she asked me since she knew how hard I played in gym (yes, this was still before I was too cool to participate in gym). The fear of getting kicked in the knees and shins (even with shin guards) was too much!

    I’ve never understood why soccer has never taken on in the US…. but yet Nascar is huge?

    • Dude, I don’t get NASCAR either. I try to be respectful of other people’s interests and passions, but all I can think of when I see NASCAR are the words of a doctor I used to work for: “competitive left-turns.”

      About soccer – I so wanted to be good at it but I was just too much of a pansy (which is really the reason why I was never good at any sports I played as a child or as a teenager). The prospect of balls flying at my face (lol Clueless) was just too much for me to deal with. I was happier staring at the clouds in the backfield when I played soccer or playing tic-tac-toe in the dirt when I played softball. I would have been way better off had I realized that pain is a) temporary and b) not going to kill me. Sadly it took until I was much older to figure that out.

  2. I have never watched a full game of competitive soccer, but based on clips I’ve seen of it my problem is that soccer is really, really slow, and the low scores don’t help. I have a problem watching a sport where the objective seems to be to inch slowly toward one side of the humongous field or the other. It’s pretty much my criticism of football, multiplied. Then again, the only team sports that are “fast” enough for me are hockey and basketball, and I never watch the latter on account of not having a hometown team growing up. Few people in Western PA care about basketball. Oh, and also roller derby, that’s fast-moving and high-scoring. If Americans can tolerate baseball and football, though, they should be able to tolerate soccer. Probably anti-European bias, plus the fact that women’s teams are showcased alongside men’s and not just “powder puff” versions of the sport.

    I have no problem criticizing the fuck out of NASCAR, and I don’t care if that’s classist or whatever. It’s a sorry waste of precious, limited fuel, not really so different from pouring blood down a drain for sport. Just keep using up all that peak oil, morons!

    • I just laughed so hard at your last paragraph. I know NASCAR has been all “we use biofuels! we aren’t so bad!” but biofuels are an even bigger mess than straight-up fuels.

      I hear you on the speed of sports – I don’t watch much in the way of organized professional sports these days, but after watching hockey for a few years, I noticed that everything else seemed sooooo slooooow. Now the only way I can watch baseball is in person, and that’s because I like the atmosphere of a ball game and also having an excuse to drink beer. (Like I need that.)

      I don’t think it’s anti-European bias as much as it is anti-EVERYONE bias. I mean, it seems like every country takes soccer seriously except the U.S. I don’t know, football isn’t THAT great of a sport.

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