Get Fit for the Pit #1

What happens if you are a punk who plays sports?  What if you play sports and you like punk?  What if you think jocks suck yet you love to get sweaty?  And why exactly is there such opposition to fitness and exercise in the punk scene?

My fellow zinester and runner Nicole Harris has put together a comp zine called “Get Fit for the Pit” that explores these questions and more.  She was on Zinecore Radio last night to talk a bit about it and to read her contribution to the zine.  In it, she writes about the way she dropped off the athletic radar after finding punk rock in high school, and how she decided to reclaim her identity as an athlete after she turned thirty, which culminated in running a half-marathon.

(The podcast is available online, and I definitely recommend giving it a listen if you are interested in zines, punk or sports. )

As someone whose life has followed a pretty similar arc – except replace “punk rock” with “drugs and electronica” – Nicole’s passion for athletics and fitness inspires me on a daily basis, which is part of why I am so excited to read this zine.

It’s not quite available yet, but it should be very very soon.  If you are at all interested in this zine, and I hope you are, check out the website for Click Clack Distro for ordering information.

Nicole is also taking submissions for the second issue of this comp zine, which will focus on nutrition.  Email or check out this link for more submission details.

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